Friday, October 22, 2010

Long awaited... Canada ma nondhai

India chodi do to nondhavanu bhooli jao evu thodu chale :)

Nondhavii # 1 Got on the wrong bus when i ws terribly late. Realized that it was an express bus which took me even farther and had a hard time coming back

Nondhavi # 2 Asked for french vanilla at Second Cafe (The Star Bucks of Canada) and got black coffee. Asked them to change the order to vanilla beans latte, which cost me extra money. The vanilla beans latte wasn't sweet enough so i had to add sugar after that. Terrible experience indeed. Never going to Second Cafe again. And yeah, i had an upset stomach becoz of their egg cheese sandwich

Nondhavi # 3 It is left hand drive here so when you cross the road you look at the left side first and then the right. I did the opposite...he he...Could've proved to be fatal

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aye... Developers E Pan Nondhai....

Hi Guys,

We are back with the series of Stupidity. Actually all of our reporters were much busy with some other work so we were not able to provide you the stupidities till now.

Yeh hadsa 20-10-2010 ke din dopahar ke 12:15 ko hua tha.

There was one candidate for Practical Test.

Mr. K and Mr. A from the Development Team were at the SEO Department to find the vacant System.

After some time they got one vacant PC but unfortunately there was no development tools installed in that System.

So they shifted one of the developer from his seat to the SEO Department till the test gets completed.

Mr K asked Mr a that "test to oolo j aapvano che ne aapde nakki karyu hatu e"

Then Mr A replied "ha ha e j aapvano che"

And now the test starts.....

Soon after Mr A started to explain him the rules of test.....

The candidate replied with worried face to Mr. A : "Sir, there is some misunderstanding. I am not here for the Developer Test but I am here for the SEO Test"

So this is the first stupidity noted after a long period of time.

Keep Reading and Stay Tuned to our Stupidity blog :

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stupidity Video.. Perfect Example Of Stupidity

Hi Friends,

How are you all..Hope you are spending your stupid time very well :P
So, I got one excellent video which is a Perfect Example Of Stupidity !!!!!
Have a Look At It and Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!

So, friends keep on noting sutpidity around you and inform us we will publish for you here....

Stay Tuned.. Bye Bye...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Makoda, Makodi Aur Woh

Hi Friends,

We are back with the second part of the Love Story of Makoda & Makodi.....

But there is a Twist in the Love Story of Makoda and Makodi.

Now here in this Video "Do Premi ke beech me ab Teesra bhi aa jata hai...."

Check out the "Interesting Love Triangle" in the video......

Keep checking this Blog..........

Cameraman "D" ke saath writer for this post "V"....

Nondhva mate always tatpar................

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Today's Short Stupid Note

'B' started a group chat..."In 2012, Friendship Day & Rakhi will be celebrated on the same day "

Someone comments 'H' will be on leave on that day to stay away from the Rakhi...but Friendship Day is always on a Sunday...NO NEED TO TAKE LEAVE.....HAHAHAHA :D

& ofcourse its a holiday on Rakhi Mr. Someone cant give the reason that he doesn't know when is the Friendship Day celebrated :P


Friday, August 13, 2010

This post is dedicated to our gurudev.....Mr. An

  1. Guruji is a great mathematician...Greater than Archimedes...according to him 25*25 is everybody...mug this new maths ;) And guess what Nondhai to kharij then pachu pooche pan khari "AAVU KONE KARYU CHE HE BOLO BOLO" to "V" and "B". hehehehe :)

  2. Yesterday 'An' asked 'B' to open some OLD LATEST proposals...haha...what contradictory words...old as well as latest.....

  3. Mr. An says..."hun jyare STARTING ma BEGINNING ma SEO ma NAVO NAVO hato tyare" many synonyms..we understood that it was the starting of your SEO need of so many synonyms....hehe

  4. There is 1 more guruji a mota guruji sathe nondhai....hamare doosre samvadta Mr. 'V' uspe jald hi apko updates tak padhte rahein...Nondhpothi Blog...........

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Makoda & Makodi Ki Love Story Part 1

Hi Friends !!!!!!!
How are you all...
Ab Intezaar ki ghadiyan poori ho gai.....
So now we are back with the Video of New Lovers "Makoda & Makodi"

Have A Look...........

Hope you all would have enjoyed this all new Love Story...........

So keep watching ans stay tuned to Nondhpothi!!! The Only place to find the funniest and stupid stuff you have ever heard or seen...........

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Nani Nani Bau Badhi Nondhavi - Part 2

6) "Am" e intelligent Nondhai. Recorded coverstation between "D" and "Am"

"Am" : You are not famous, till ur biography not written...!!!!
"D" : Okay... I'll make sure I'll hire someone to do the job
"Am" : tu khud likh dal or famous ban ja...
"D" : Nondhai
"Am" : kutte..
"D" : Khud likhunga to biography thodi kehlayegi!! Autobiography ho jayegi.

Nondhi Lo Nondhi Lo!!!!!! LOL

7) "H" e fari thi nondhaavi.....

"H" ne poocha "An" teri comapany ka sthapna din kaun sa hai?? (matlab B'day)
"Am" samja company ka sthapna din aur beech me kood pada bechare ne faaltoo me nondha di

8) "H" and "D" vara farthi nondhai

GFC menu ma 'maggi' koi jagyaee lakheli nathi
"D" Phone karine pooche che 'maggi nathi??"
"D" to "H" : GFC vaaro na pade che
"D" said "Lo mara bhai bandh jode vaat karo"
"H" "Su bhai Maggi nathi rakhta?"
GFC: "Na"
H "kai vandho nai... muku"

Latest Nondh

9) "Am" e Nondhaavi....

"Am" E "B" ne Report Mokalyo.

Reporting karvanu hatu "Blog and RSS Submission nu"
amara honhar candidate e reporting karyu "Blog and CSS Submission nu"

"E Fari Thi Nondhaiiiii....."Am" gopaiiiiiii gayoooo"

10) "N" New Subscriber To Nondhpothi......

Bhai Nondhpothi na prakop thi koi nathi bachyo aaj sudhi.
Aaje to "N" e pan nondhaavi ne pota nu naam subscribe karavi lidhu che.

Manager no Birthday hato and "N" e wish karva mate mail lakhyo...
ek to Birthday wish kare then pachu pan lai le che bolo :P

So Friends this much for now.....

Keep Smiling :) Have fun enjoy life.........

Game tyare game tya nondhavo toh amne yaad karjo :)

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nani Nani Bau Badhi Nondhavi - Part 1

Kai dar vakhate title attractive na hoi... aa mafat blog che chalavi levu pade :P

"D" Says "Aje maru nondhpothi update karvanu chellu divas... nondhi lejo"

Manas matra bhool ne patra. Nani nani bhoolo vanchine maja aavi jase

1) Aa "H" na taraf thi:

"Shivshakti pe waiter ne nondhai thi,
thoda pyaaar se baat kya kiya,
party mood me aa gayi..
usko order kiya VEg Makkhan Vala
and wo leke aya paneer ki sabjee
Paneer Handi

E Nondhaiiiii"

2) "V" e 2 times blog post karine nondhavii

3) Ay "An"... le leto ja tu bi

"B" says "mare egg allowed nathi"

"An" says "For "V" egg not allowed and for "B" egg allowed"

he he he PJ

4) Blog na writer e pan nondhai

Varsad ma bhina hatho thi sparkplug ne jodine kick marii. Masttt current vagyo.....

Writero no niyam - kadi ek na nondhavi, be athva be thi vahdhare

Another one!!!!!!!

Horn ni andar pani ghusi gayu. jevo bump aave ne chalu thay jaye. poor bike!

5) "V" e elevator ma niche java mate upar no button dabayoo :P

Stay tuned for other short stupid incidents..............

Funny PJs.. To Scratch Your Heads!!!!

Use of Brain Is Strictly Prohibited!!
दिमाग का उपयोग करना कानूनन जुर्म है!!

So Enjoy the Funniest PJ's below :

Mehbooba ke pyaar mein mar gaya peter,
Mehbooba ke pyaar mein mar gaya peter,
Hero Honda Splendor 80km/Litre.


Agar ho bimaar to dhundo chemist,
Agar ho bimaar to dhundo chemist,
My name is Khan & m not a terrorist.


Raat ke 2 baje baji ghar ki bell,
Raat ke 2 baje baji ghar ki bell,
Maine Gate Khola toh,
Chowkidaar bola.......


Karna padta hain apne kharcho pe kaabu,
Karna padta hain apne kharcho pe kaabu,
Ek chutki sindur ki, kimaat tum kya jaano rames babu..??


Tum bin hum yu kaise ji paayenge,
Tum bin hum yu kaise ji paayenge,
"Aayenge...! Mere Karan - Karan Arjun aayenge..."


Call karne se pehle, balance jaachna,
Call karne se pehle, balance jaachna,
Basanti inn kutto ke saamne mat naachna..


IPL ke matches dekh ke logon ko maza aa raha hain,
IPL ke matches dekh ke logon ko maza aa raha hain,
12 saal se Daya ek he Qualis Chala raha hain.


Na jaan na pehchaan, tu mera mehmaan,
Na jaan na pehchaan, tu mera mehmaan,
And the award goes to A.R.Rehman.


Manchester United mein khelta hain ROONEY,
Manchester United mein khelta hain ROONEY,
ACP pradhuymann ne kaha " aakhir chahta kya hain khooni"


Kisiko na thi, mere pyaar ki khabar,
Kisiko na thi, mere pyaar ki khabar,
Diagram galat hogaya, rubber de rubber..!


Q:Why a person with broken heart doesnt need general knowledge?..
A:Jab dil he toot gaya, toh "G.K" kya karein.


2 Cockroach ICU mein ek dusre ke bagal waale bed mein admit the.
Pehla Cockroach: "Kya dost Baygon se?
Dusra Cockroach: "Nahin re Paragon se..!!


Inventor of above PJ's is "B"

Hope you all enjoyed the above mentioned PJ's and the amount of hair on your heads must have been decreased.....

So Stay tuned for such funniest incidents.........

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Introducing Video Posts Soon.........

Hi Friends!!!!!!!

Stay tuned to watch the short romantic love story videos of Ants.........

"Makode aur makodi ki prem kahani"

Stay Tuned and Enjoyyy :)

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Its Snacks Time.....

Last onee... Karma lounge na menu par different types nu chavanu mukeene khadhu :)

I can remember the day : "The Last day of 5'o clock Break" :)

Stay tuned for more updates



Bija Writer E Pan Nondhaaavi !!!!

Biji writer "S" ay nondhaii

Ek video download kari lidho...

Khabar nai magaj ma su aayu ke pase ni link par click kari didhi.

Page reload thai gayo :)

Time no ravado to nikdi j gayoo, sathe sathe nondhai e nakhi :P

E Nondhaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii... Nondhi Lo.......

Woman Sues Google : International Nondh

The most ridiculous news I've ever heard is this:

"Woman Using Google’s Directions Gets Hit By Car, Sues Google"

Here's the link:

Special comment:

Aww c'mon! another dumb trial! what's next? suing the car manufacturer for not warning you that crashing into the wall at 100mph can cause damage to health?! suing the pool for not warning you that you can drown if you can't swim? how much stupider will it get?

I mean, if you're dumb enough to suppose that some device with a Google software can make you invincible and use it's directions without looking aside, then you're simply not made for this world.

Dumb, just dumb

Nondhavi nondhavi ne ketlu nondhaviye??

Aaj kal recession nu time che ne.. su kariye?

Koi nondhava aavtuuj nathi

kai vandho nai...potana nai to parka sahi nondhavi to pade j ne

yesterday me and few other friends were having lunch at Saffron. Three of them asked for à la carte whereas i went for fixed lunch. I was waiting for the waiter to bring in the meal. The soup arrived first. Tomato soup with bread crumbs and cream, thin texture. Then, he brought barbequed green paneer.

Taste was okay...

After that came the loooong wait. I just waited and waited for the second starter (roasted potatoes) to arrive. After a while they brought rotis, and vegetable but no starter. I called up the waiter and told him (in a slightly angry tone) what about the starters?? I haven't received them yet and his face was like - okay but you've received the main course. What's the point in receiving the starters after the main cours!

Oops.. waiter e nondhavii

Image Source :

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Activa Wali e Nondhaaaavi......

Hi Friends I'm back with one more funny incident that I came across while returning back to home....

Here's the detailed incident....

On 26 July 2010, evening around 7.00 PM, I and my colleague "H" who was at my back seat were moving towards home after office hours.

And just in front of us one girl was driving a moped "Activa" and now here's the twist.

The girl was driving "Activa" and usually the accelerator is at the right hand and guess what she was accelerating with left

hand (as per her way of driving).

Her left hand was in the downward position and the right hand was in the upward position.

So from this you can guess the scene of how she might be driving and we thought that "AAJE KOIK NA KOIK NU VIMO PASS KARAVINE J REHSHE" after watching the way she was driving Activa .

And the persons like "KAKAs" who were standing by the road were watching that girl like a joker driving Activa who doesn't

even know how to take a left turn.....

The real fun can be enjoyed at the exact time when that girl was caught driving...........

Cameraman "H" Ke Saath Reporter "V"......

So stay tuned to NONDHPOTHI and enjoy the latest stupid and funniest incidents that we all came across everyday.....

Bye Bye Friends............

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Writer ay pote nondhavvii.. le leto ja

Bachkar kab tak rahoge writer ji.. yeh toh hona hi tha

Aane toh facebook par nondhaii su vaat chee!! :P

7. Ek se mera kya hoga...muje toh stupidity me degree chahiyeeee

Toh yeh raha doosra vala:

B sends a link in group chat

D sees that its a mozilla personas link.. still opens it in Chromme

Ayy Nondhaii

8. AN aaje vaaaro aayi gayo

Ask AN how do you pronounce 'asked' and he'll respond 'Askkaiddd'

the funny part is- you tell him the right pronunciation and he says 'hu je bolu ay sacchhu'

Wah Babumoshai wah paki nondhai

9. H ay mast nondhaii

Beta kidi marvani ni dava ne su kehvayy??


Keep enjoying the gags and giggles. There's more 2 come tmrw



Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purane khiladiyon ka khel hua purana, ab he naye khiladiyon ka zamaana

Lights, Camera… Action

Our team presents a second episode of gags and giggles; this time with fresh entrants

After a lot industry struggle and begging the TOP Character of this BLOG to leave the top spot for just one second, the big RED machine (sorry for the t-shirt mention, I couldn’t help it) "V" has made it to the top spot.

3. Here goes the conversation

"B" on A's PC and vice versa. V tensed about work sends this msg to B:

V: “Aaj thi whatizit nu kaam bandh kari deje samjyo?”

B: “Samji gayi”

V (scratching his head): “Aavu kem bole che?”

Get up and says, “Oh! Tame hata??”

Everyone together: Ayyyy…Nondhaii, Nondhaii

4. Ever noticed a trend?? A never leaves his friend alone. Very close friends Awwww…. :P

After A's friend completes, A bursts out… ‘Fan of THE himesh’

Ha ha ha…. :D

5. This one was supposed be yesterday’s hot favorite but due to volcano eruption near my house, I couldn’t write a post.

B….headphones on.. full volume (singing even louder) Aaja meri tamannaa…..

Everybody looking at each other and giggling but no one has the courage to tell her to stop…

Best laughter moment of yesterday :D

Bas aaj ke liye itna hii…. Stay tune for more gags in the next episode.



{P.S. Hope everyone’s taking this light heartedly. I have no intentions whatsoever to hurt anyone’s feelings. }

eblogger e nondhaviiii

Post nathi karva detu

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ise kehte hai English ki vaaat lagana...........

Now here I am going to introduce some of the words "jiski hamare kuch dosto ne kamar tod di hai".

Guys seriously the following are the words which are being used anywhere and at any point of time by the language experts present in our workgroup.

So, you also feel free to use these sort of words anywhere, anytime and at any place you want

1) Anecdote
2) Characteristic
3) conservative
4) preservative
5) layman
6) monotonous
7) seriously
8) sorry sorry
9) o sit (i know there is some mistake in the word but yaaaar you are so intelligent to get it... hai na bolo bolo :P )
arey i forgot to mention the most important word sorry sorrry...
10) nondhi looooooooooooooooooo :P (this is the word that inspired our experts to create this great and interesting blog)

The above mentioned are some of the words "jiski izzat se badnami hoti hai".

Detailed explanation of all the words will be given in the next upcoming post :)

So friends, Keep checking for updated list of such funniest words we are continuously in the process of identifying such interesting words..........

Stay tuned...........

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Nondhavviii... le lettooo ja introduction


Ayyy X khotu na lagadto...

1. Aje X baba amara maate ganthiya laine aavya ane ay pan saame thi phone karine.

2. "A" bola ke sizzler jode puri hovi joiyeee.

Udghaatan thai gayu...badhano vaaro aavshe

Have a happy weekend!!!