Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Aye... Developers E Pan Nondhai....

Hi Guys,

We are back with the series of Stupidity. Actually all of our reporters were much busy with some other work so we were not able to provide you the stupidities till now.

Yeh hadsa 20-10-2010 ke din dopahar ke 12:15 ko hua tha.

There was one candidate for Practical Test.

Mr. K and Mr. A from the Development Team were at the SEO Department to find the vacant System.

After some time they got one vacant PC but unfortunately there was no development tools installed in that System.

So they shifted one of the developer from his seat to the SEO Department till the test gets completed.

Mr K asked Mr a that "test to oolo j aapvano che ne aapde nakki karyu hatu e"

Then Mr A replied "ha ha e j aapvano che"

And now the test starts.....

Soon after Mr A started to explain him the rules of test.....

The candidate replied with worried face to Mr. A : "Sir, there is some misunderstanding. I am not here for the Developer Test but I am here for the SEO Test"

So this is the first stupidity noted after a long period of time.

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