Thursday, July 26, 2012

Office ma Fari thi Double Double Nondhaviii

यह किस्सा उस वक़्त का है जब सब मस्त tummy भर के अपनी अपनी place पर आकर बैठ जाते है and start pretending to work but असलियत क्या है किसी को पता नहीं.. :P
ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh કોઈ ને કેહ્વાનું નહિ.. અમે તો કામ કરીએ છીએ :P

So हुआ ऐसा था की..

Miss S was just sitting beside Mr. V and Mr. V had just started to work but he was getting bored so decided to take the help of his iPod so that थोडा mood बन जाए. At the same time Miss S का headphone was not working properly and the volume levels were also very low, so she borrowed Mr. V's headphones and told him to play songs for her. So बिचारी हालात की मारी Miss S पर तरस खाकर  Mr. V agreed and done as she wanted him to do. So Mr. V selected few good songs and played for her.

कुछ देर तो सही चला सब.

But as you know that Mr. V was hearing songs from iPod.. So he didn’t liked one of the song from the list so decided to change the track. So he changed the track from the media player of his system :P Fatak se Miss S started looking at Mr. V and ગુસ્સે થી કીધું કે શું છે તમને કેમ song change કર્યું આટલું મસ્ત ચાલતું હતું ને ??

For few seconds Mr V. was totally blank की क्या हो रहा है फिर पता चला की he was hearing from his ipod and mistakenly he had changed the song in media player from where Miss. S was listening songs. Then Mr V shared the funny act with Miss s and both laughed..

अब सुनिए इस किस्से का दूसरा पहलु जहा Miss S ने बी कोई कसर छोड़ी नहीं थी

The background was same, and Miss S was listening songs from Mr. V's system. Suddenly she got some point to discuss with Mr. V and she pinged him via Gtalk. Now, she got confused why she was getting the ping voice when she sent msgs to Mr.V? :P

After 2-3 conversations she realized that afterall the headphone was attached to Mr.V's system, so it was but obvious to get the ping voice. :P

ખરી નોંધાવી, ને જાતે હસવા મંડી :P
હે ભગવાન શું થશે છોકરીયો નું :P :D

BDW it’s a Humble request to other members of this Nondhpothi to please keep on posting over here. ऐसा तो हो नहीं सकता की કોઈ નોંધાવતું નથી..

Keep on posting..
Keep Smiling...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gandhinagar ma Nondhai...

Today evening I got a call from my old friend that made me really happy. I met my old lovely group of friends, that we call as "Rakhdu Toli" :)

I rushed from office, reached home, changed and reached to our favorite meeting place. I was really Happy to meet all my oldies after a long long time.

Lemme introduce my frnzz.

1) Chindi
2) Gotu
3) Champa
4) Ashwii : The big big lavari of our team.
5) Ambi
6) Sanju
7) Rocky
8) And last but not d least ofcourse ME yaar :)

Then we decided to ride till G'nagar... Ashwi was with me, chindi was with gotu and so on. We all spent good time together and had Tea then after couple of hours we started towards home.

I was talking to Rocky having on mind that Ashwii is already sitting on my back. After crossing almost 2 - 2.5 Kms Rocky asked about Ashwi and she was not there. Eeeee Nondhai boss Nondhai.

OMG ab kya we rushed back to the spot but she was not there. Searched all nearby places but failed to find Ashwii. Boss I was really worried as I knew when v vll find Ashwii "Mera to Murder hi hona thaa".

Nearly after an hour we finally decided to check d bus station and guess whaaaattt she was there standing alone waiting for the bus to come, totally tensed and full of anger on us specially me :P

Hahahahahaha we all laughed loudly at her and yes but obviously she started beating and started shouting on me.

Bichaaaaariii I must say :)) :P

Kya karte boss galati apni thi chup chap khade rahe. Warna chup rehte kya ???

But really the whole scene was really too funny and a happy moment as v found her finally.. :D :D

I hope we all will meet again and this time I am damn sure Ashwii will keep an eye on me when we decide to start hahahaha ;)