Friday, January 14, 2011

Nondhi lo...prem thi

Manushya etle chokro ke chokri hoy toh kona jode prem kare? Chokro hoy to chokri jode and chokri hoy to chokra jode. Apde America ni vaat javaa do. Blog jode koi prem kare kharu? Nondhavii j kehvay ne! lolz :)
(read previous post for reference)

Ratre 12 vage aa blog post banavi! Nondhavi, dude nondhavi


Love Note

Hello Nondhpothi

I am in love with you that's why I dare to write few lines for you. The very first day when I saw you I decided to write for you but didn't get enough matter to express my love so just writing about my feelings that how much I love you from this small post.

In future I will be writing for you but for now something special for you..

"Once Tom and Jerry were fighting

Fight started like this:

Tom: "Sab khana kahne aao mast sabji banayi hai mummy ne"
everybody joined except Jerry. Everybody said" wah wah kay kahan banaya hai Aunty ne"
Then also Jeery not joined..
Tom: "Sab ko individual invitation dena padega" (specially emphasizing for Jerry)
Jerry not joined...
Everybody said "maze aa gaye wah mast sabji thi"
Someone from the crowd said "hey see Jerry came give her also"
Very next a voice came..."Ja be mai nahi deta sab kah liya maine aur ise to kabhi nahi"
Jerry:(in form man ko marte hue)" mat do.. mat do.. mujhe chahiye bhi nahi meri mummy aap ki mummy se bhi achha banati hai huuun..."
Dishum...dishum... dishum...
Moral of this special fight: "Angoor nahi mile to Khatte hain"

Like wise crowd used to enjoy their fights every day..

I hope you find it interesting my love.
Take care dear Nondhpothi
Will be back soon with some special post for you..
Till then
with lots of love

Yours only

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bahu pehla nondhai

Ame cha mukisu pan coster par kadi nai :D Hu kon chu batau??