Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Lift ma nondhai...

Hi everyone...this post is for incidents that occurred in the lift. Elevators, lifts are a routine part of our life just like mobile phones. We have lifts at our work place, at our residence, shopping malls, etc. Here are two incidents that I witnessed at my work place lift, hope you all enjoy:

--> The day was over & I was leaving for my home. Was in the lift going from 3rd floor to basement with few other people who were to get off at ground floor. The lift opened at ground floor & as it was a busy hour, the ground floor was crowded with people waiting for the lift. But mine was going down, so everybody looked @ me annoyingly except one. This great person was busy on his cellphone & was so engrossed in his conversation that he didnt notice where the lift was going. On the other hand he didnt even realize that other people didnt get in means the lift is not going up. Now he gets in the lift going to basement with me (busy talking on phone). Just as the lift door closes & lift starts; the poor guy's cellphone's network is gone. He keeps on shouting, 'Hello, Hello, Hello,...' and when the lift opens @ basement he realizes he has reached basement & mutters, 'Achha basement floor avi gayo'. I stepped out of the lift and just started laughing like anything. Why doesnt he imply the famous 'Walk & Talk' in his life too; as such the building has 4 floors only.

--> This just happened recently. Again leaving for home from 3rd floor to basement with a courierwala in the lift. We both entered together, I pressed -1 & he 0 in the lift and started dialing someone from his cellphone. In the meanwhile lift started moving & opened on 2nd floor & the guy walks out of it with full speed without noticing that it is 2nd floor. I should also mention one thing - the lift has a system that it announces the floor number each time it stops on a floor. This guy didnt even listen to it and just walks out with great speed as if he was in too hurry. I started laughing but before my lift door could close again, the guy returned back in the lift with the same speed as he had left. It was so funny that I just could not control my laugh & started laughing in front of him. And he pretended to be busy with his cell phone.

Mobile phones are so addictive..Right?

Hope you all enjoyed this post.