Friday, October 22, 2010

Long awaited... Canada ma nondhai

India chodi do to nondhavanu bhooli jao evu thodu chale :)

Nondhavii # 1 Got on the wrong bus when i ws terribly late. Realized that it was an express bus which took me even farther and had a hard time coming back

Nondhavi # 2 Asked for french vanilla at Second Cafe (The Star Bucks of Canada) and got black coffee. Asked them to change the order to vanilla beans latte, which cost me extra money. The vanilla beans latte wasn't sweet enough so i had to add sugar after that. Terrible experience indeed. Never going to Second Cafe again. And yeah, i had an upset stomach becoz of their egg cheese sandwich

Nondhavi # 3 It is left hand drive here so when you cross the road you look at the left side first and then the right. I did the opposite...he he...Could've proved to be fatal


Alvin said...

Wah Danny Wah, Self Nondhavi, I like the last one driving and walking in opposite side

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