Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Purane khiladiyon ka khel hua purana, ab he naye khiladiyon ka zamaana

Lights, Camera… Action

Our team presents a second episode of gags and giggles; this time with fresh entrants

After a lot industry struggle and begging the TOP Character of this BLOG to leave the top spot for just one second, the big RED machine (sorry for the t-shirt mention, I couldn’t help it) "V" has made it to the top spot.

3. Here goes the conversation

"B" on A's PC and vice versa. V tensed about work sends this msg to B:

V: “Aaj thi whatizit nu kaam bandh kari deje samjyo?”

B: “Samji gayi”

V (scratching his head): “Aavu kem bole che?”

Get up and says, “Oh! Tame hata??”

Everyone together: Ayyyy…Nondhaii, Nondhaii

4. Ever noticed a trend?? A never leaves his friend alone. Very close friends Awwww…. :P

After A's friend completes, A bursts out… ‘Fan of THE himesh’

Ha ha ha…. :D

5. This one was supposed be yesterday’s hot favorite but due to volcano eruption near my house, I couldn’t write a post.

B….headphones on.. full volume (singing even louder) Aaja meri tamannaa…..

Everybody looking at each other and giggling but no one has the courage to tell her to stop…

Best laughter moment of yesterday :D

Bas aaj ke liye itna hii…. Stay tune for more gags in the next episode.



{P.S. Hope everyone’s taking this light heartedly. I have no intentions whatsoever to hurt anyone’s feelings. }


Vishal Shastri said...

Great Observation!!!! Nazar Sab Par, Har Jagah, Har Pal.......

Danny said...

:) the fun has just started Vishal...lot more to come. Just wait and watch!

Danny said...

Now, you'll think of me before wearing the red t-shirt I hope ha ha :)

Techno Expert said...

I m enjoying it.... keep it up danny baba :P

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