Saturday, July 31, 2010

Nondhavi nondhavi ne ketlu nondhaviye??

Aaj kal recession nu time che ne.. su kariye?

Koi nondhava aavtuuj nathi

kai vandho nai...potana nai to parka sahi nondhavi to pade j ne

yesterday me and few other friends were having lunch at Saffron. Three of them asked for à la carte whereas i went for fixed lunch. I was waiting for the waiter to bring in the meal. The soup arrived first. Tomato soup with bread crumbs and cream, thin texture. Then, he brought barbequed green paneer.

Taste was okay...

After that came the loooong wait. I just waited and waited for the second starter (roasted potatoes) to arrive. After a while they brought rotis, and vegetable but no starter. I called up the waiter and told him (in a slightly angry tone) what about the starters?? I haven't received them yet and his face was like - okay but you've received the main course. What's the point in receiving the starters after the main cours!

Oops.. waiter e nondhavii

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