Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ise kehte hai English ki vaaat lagana...........

Now here I am going to introduce some of the words "jiski hamare kuch dosto ne kamar tod di hai".

Guys seriously the following are the words which are being used anywhere and at any point of time by the language experts present in our workgroup.

So, you also feel free to use these sort of words anywhere, anytime and at any place you want

1) Anecdote
2) Characteristic
3) conservative
4) preservative
5) layman
6) monotonous
7) seriously
8) sorry sorry
9) o sit (i know there is some mistake in the word but yaaaar you are so intelligent to get it... hai na bolo bolo :P )
arey i forgot to mention the most important word sorry sorrry...
10) nondhi looooooooooooooooooo :P (this is the word that inspired our experts to create this great and interesting blog)

The above mentioned are some of the words "jiski izzat se badnami hoti hai".

Detailed explanation of all the words will be given in the next upcoming post :)

So friends, Keep checking for updated list of such funniest words we are continuously in the process of identifying such interesting words..........

Stay tuned...........


Danny said...

Hey Vishal... this is something not right
go to hell
su kehvayy... ummm hu tension ma aayi gyo
Comment na bhi aapu... mari marjii
le leeto jaaa comment

Alvin said...

Seriously Danny, Superb Comment ;)

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