Saturday, June 11, 2011

Yes - I am Busy

Well I am back with a bang!

This is the incident of last week. Everybody felt sense of relief after most awaited suspense of the new policy. Almost everyone has been settled with the new environment except me (jokes apart). In the mean time Mr. V was also busy with his own office affairs. Actually he was facing some PC’s problem even now the scenario is same (shhh! don’t tell anybody) but some how working is going on.

Every time he used to be busy whether it’s with work or with AC (you know it’s too hot nowadays). In this busy schedule and work pressure he lost (wait wait… he is not lost I mean he lost his consciousness for sometime). He sat one of the other‘s desk and started working on the PC next to him.

Consider he was busy as I mentioned above he is always busy. He started working on the particular “PC”. If I am not wrong he was preparing some document and supposed to check it through internet or something related to posting but one thing I remember that he was supposed to open browser after typing that doc file.

Consider he was busy (please). He clicked the browser and guess what happened??? Guessing completed I suppose…yeah you all are right internet was not working but it happens you know sometimes (you know these cable operators always aaah!). Why not internet is working? -he asked team members. Everybody said mine is working. I have to ask the network admin now…this is too much – he again uttered. He was very worried and he uttered what to do (the facial expression like God please save me!)

Someone from us said hey V you checked whether your cable connector is loose or what? He said - I don’t think so (he was using others PC and even though he was sure ha ha ha). And at last we discovered it was unplugged and due to his busy schedule he didn’t check that the PC in which he was working on not connected with the internet cable and he was confirming with others that internet was working or not.(this is something in Hindi proverb – “Bagal me bachha, shehar me dhindhora”)

Laugh out louder!! (Nondhai Nondhai!!)

This is end of this post but show must go on.


Amit Panchal said...

Mr. V, we are really proud of you.. But i understand your situations.. Na kahi sakay k na rahi sakay.. :P :D lol

Harshal Mazmudar said...

ha ha ha ...:)

Vishal Shastri said...

Thanks for the Special Note Swati and all others!! Really lot of funny incidents are taking place @ work but you know all are so much busy with their work other than me as well that they are not getting that much of time to note it down over here... Anyways thanks for sparing time and posting over here.... Keeping on Posting.

Daniel said...

Wow, gr8 post...njoyed reading it

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